Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking?

As my beloved subscribers know all previous dates with women have been the typical blonde-hair blue-eyed type. On Sunday, I discovered the reason why.

Here's what happened...

After church service I began doing my usual routine helping with the storing away of equipment and the like. A new couple had entered our church service and began talking to an elderly couple that they knew from within our church.

After talking amongst themselves for a short while the elderly lady from our church called my name and motioned me to come hither.

ME: Yes.
ALLISON: Do you know who this is? (pointing to the lady who had come with her partner for the first time to our church)
ME: Nope.
STRANGER: I'm Sarah, Rebecca's elder sister.

Then it hit me like a tonne of bricks.

See, Rebecca was THE VERY first girl I had a crush on. In fact, we had a crush on each other during our early high school days, but unfortunately it didn't last very long as she left our school to attend a larger one that would cater more towards her educational needs (our school was just too small).

On the very last day of school we sat on the bus together and done the usual talking and making fun of each other (which was strange really because I was so shy with girls I don't know why I was so comfortable around her??), anyway, as the bus ride ended she held my arm and looked me in the eyes and asked if we could go out together.

My heart was in my throat.

I didn't know what love was. Heck, does anyone know what love is at the ripe old age of 13??

I turned bright red at that instant and I sheepishly turned away... a girl had asked me out... WOW!... I'd never been asked out before, never even had a girlfriend... things were starting to get all blurry... I didn't know what to say, I didn't know what to think, I didn't know what to do!!

I turned around and blurted out my answer...


Shy guys aren't notorious for saying no to too many people, and I was shocked more at the response I had given than her, but after seeing her reaction I wanted to take it back. I'd made another wrong move in life:

"I can't believe I said no," I thought.

Rebecca nodded, looked down at her school bag picked it up said goodbye to everyone on the bus, as well as me and alighted. I never heard from her, or saw her since that day.

But then God went in and threw a curve ball last Sunday.

After discussing the good ol' days of high school with Sarah we inevitably got across to Rebecca. I was curious as to what had become of her as she hadn't attended our 10-year school reunion (which involved everyone who was in our class from year 1 to year 12 - we needed the numbers!).

From what Sarah briefly told me Rebecca was living on the opposite side of the country and was enjoying life in Melbourne working as an events organiser.

And... she was still single.


My heart started to head towards my throat again and I was saved by an elder to go and count today's offerings.

By the time I had finished Sarah and her partner had left.


I wanted to probe more, but that was all I was given... I hope they return next week.

So there you have it people: the very reason why I dated blonde-hair, blue-eyed women was because of HER!

She must have entered some subliminal hypnotic message into my brain for saying no and ever since I've been trying to recompense with other blonde-hair and blue-eyed women!?


And get this... there was one female friend I had which nearly blossomed into something further who wasn't blonde-haired and blue-eyed, but due to her father being diagnosed with cancer around the time we were going to date I never saw her again (I think her father only had months to live)... and her name...


I think I'm cursed.


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