Thursday, August 11, 2005

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Last Saturday saw me dining in at a good mate's place.

He marinated some steak from the previous night, grilled it up, slapped on some vegies and served it hot.

What more could 3 blokes want? (Yes there were three of us)

But then his fiancee rocks up.

Here's how the night went from there:

*She walks in*
HIM: Would you like something to eat honey?
HER: No thanks, not hungry.
*She walks over to him, pecks him on the cheek and then takes a bite from his plate*
HIM: Are you sure you don't want some? There's plenty left.
HER: No, no, I'm not really that hungry.
*She takes another bite*
HIM: There's half a steak up there if you want it.
HER: I'm fine babe.
*Yet another bite!*
HER: This steak's good. What did you do to it?
HIM: Marinated it.
*Another bite*
*He gets up and serves up another plate with steak and vegies*
*Gives it to her*
HER: O, thanks babe.
*After a few minutes she finishes only the steak that he served on her plate*
HER: I can't eat another thing.
*Starts on her peas*
HIM: You don't need to eat the vegies if you don't want to.
HER: Yeah... I don't think I'm going to be able to eat the vegies.
*Starts on the pumpkin*
HIM: Just leave them on the plate and I'll finish it.
*She starts on her potatoes and by the end finished the whole plate*
HER: Now I'm so full!

By now I'm starting to laugh... as you can no doubt imagine!

Everything she's said since walking in has been completely different to her actions!!

And what freaks me out is that they're getting married next year. I can just imagine it now:
HER: I do.
HIM: Are you sure?
HER: Yes, of course I'm sure.
HIM: But are you *really* sure?
HER: What are you going on about??
HIM: Well... it's just that there have been certain times in the past where what you've said one thing and then done the complete opposite. I just wanted to make sure that this isn't one of those moments.

I think she'd probably slap him at this moment... and maybe walk back down the aisle in a huff.

See, what women say and do are sometimes completely opposite!

...And women wonder why men have such a hard time listening to what they're saying! We watch what you do, not much to what you say.

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Hannah said...

We're female. It's our prerogative to be as contrary as we possibly can. It keeps you lot on your toes.