Friday, August 12, 2005

101 Useless Facts About Me

Thanks to an idea inspired by Hannah from Blonde Moments I've decided to do up a similar "Pointless Facts About Me" page.

In no particular order...

1. I still drive my first car - a 1989 Toyota Camry.
2. I love classical music.
3. I prefer non-fiction over fiction.
4. I have this thing for Kate Beckinsale.
5. A woman who has a joyous laugh has a friend for life.
6. I love apricots.
7. If you want to impress me make me a lemon cheesecake... and make it really tart.
8. I fear people might not like the real me so I don't allow them to get too close.
9. I wish I had a normal job.
10. I love the name Charissa... if I don't marry one I'd more than likely choose this name for my first daughter.
11. I'd love to have 2 boys and 2 girls.
12. I enjoyed talking late at night to the girl next door during my high school years.
13. Many people say that I inspire them, but I fail to see what I do that has inspired them.
14. I never want to be fat again.
15. I love this number... don't know why.
16. When I graduated with a Commerce degree majoring in Professional Accounting in 2001 I found out what I didn't want to do in life.
17. I feel uncomfotable telling people what I do for a living.
18. I'm timid towards meeting new people.
19. I hate mini-skirts.
20. But I get easily turned on by women in short shorts! Go figure?!
21. I'll never wear Speedos.
22. I have salt water running through my veins.
23. I cut the web between my feet by walking on a spade once... you could see inside my foot. Oddly enough I didn't feel a thing!
24. I love making people laugh - especially women.
25. I was the class clown in high school.
26. I believe I wrote more lines (i.e. "I shall not do..." x 1,000) than essays during school.
27. I also believe it was the reason why I have such messy handwriting today.
28. I can't dance, but I'd love to learn.
29. I hated Fiji, but I loved the Fijians - Bula!
30. Women who smoke really turn me off.
31. Likewise for women who sware.
32. There's not a board game I really don't like... unless I lose to a woman!! LOL
33. My parents never had me vaccinated, and I'm glad they didn't.
34. I'm ever so thankful of my parents, my brother and my sister. They mean everything to me.
35. Running gives me release.
36. I love the series Amazing Race.
37. And Survivor.
38. You can make any chore fun - just use some imagination.
39. I don't like receiving gifts as I feel as though I need to reciprocate.
40. I can never find the right gift.
41. One previous girlfriend that I only dated for a couple of months took over 5 years to get over me!!! No, I'm not joking.
42. Writing was my first love.
43. Basketball was my second.
44. I left saddened and disappointed after my 10-year high school reunion last year.
45. I'd love to travel the world at least once in my lifetime.
46. I fear my best mate who is getting married next year will have a divorce within the first 5 years of their marriage. Their relationship has been a rocky one ever since it started.
47. I hope I'm wrong.
48. When someone tells me a secret that they don't want anyone else to know I immediately try to forget what they told me.
49. My best friend is a hindrance to my success... although he means well.
50. My mother believes I should have been a forensic scientist.
51. I'm colourblind.
52. In fact I can remember my kindergarten teacher telling me to stand in the corner for making fun of her by colouring the sky purple, the sun green, and the grass brown. I thought I was using the right colours!
53. My mum tore strips off her the next day.
54. I helped 3 guys pass their college exams by sharing my answers with them.
55. I started recording stuff in a journal during my high school years.
56. Since 2004 I have taken up journalling again.
57. I don't think I could handle life in a wheelchair like my good mate Bruce does.
58. I've had 4 stitches in my head and 4 in my back.
59. I had a stuttering problem when I was a kid and hated answering the telephone.
60. There was a period in my life where I viewed pornography online. This was at the loneliest ebb in my life. Thankfully it never overtook me.
61. My favourite book in the Bible is Ecclesiastes.
62. There's only one true pizza: vegetarian.
63. I hate fishing.
64. I can stare at a blank wall for hours.
65. My grandfather has the biggest influence on me.
66. I love snorkelling.
67. I hated all the books we read at school in English class, except for Z for Zachariah.
68. I had to repeat high school because I failed English.
69. My maths teacher helped me in the national mathematics competiton when he wasn't supposed to.
70. I've spent half of my schooling life at public schools and the other half in private schools. Public schools have more heart.
71. I love staring at the stars at night when I'm out of town.
72. I love it when I don't shave for a week.
73. My favourite verse in the Bible is 1 Peter 3:15 which says, But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear.
74. My second favourite verse is like it (1 Thessalonians 5:21) Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
75. I've never watched one episode of Big Brother.
76. I used to dance with the vacuum cleaner when cleaning the church floors.
77. I consider myself quite creative.
78. I can't curl my tongue.
79. I have no tattoos and no piercings.
80. There's nothing worse than a drunk woman.
81. I'm related to popular Australian TV personality Rove McManus.
82. Out of all the popular fruits I can't stand rockmelon.
83. I hate pork.
84. I love the Irish accent.
85. When I hung up my basketball boots 5 years ago I was told that I was making a big mistake. That person was right.
86. I don't like following the crowd. I dare to be different.
87. I used to tuck myself away in a far corner of the library during my university days.
88. I'm a light sleeper. And I don't snore.
89. Running in the rain feels somewhat spiritual - as if being cleansed.
90. I'm having the time of my life when you see me crying and laughing at the same time.
91. I was sucked out of my mum when I was born.
92. I smiled only days after I was born and fascinated everyone.
93. Sometimes I wonder why God even puts up with me.
94. I love setting goals, I hate it when I fail. I find it difficult setting goals now.
95. I'm an information junkie.
96. I smashed my next door neighbour's window and lied that I didn't do it.
97. I got the cane for helping a girl in class. I think she had a crush on me from that point on.
98. Women should keep their hair down. Nothing beats the sensation a man gets when holding and smelling their woman's locks.
99. Liven yourself up every once in a while by doing something zany.
100. Fast every once in a while too - it allows the body to reset.
101. Dream


I'm spent.

Outta here,



Hannah said...

Well, you know a fair amount about me now, but seeing as you took the time and effort to reply to every point I made...

1. I can't drive.
2. Me too.
3. I think that's a man thing.
4. Meh - you're a guy.
5. That's a nice thing to say.
6. I don't. I prefer raspberries.
7. Tucked away for future reference.
8. That's their problem - not yours. You'll enjoy life so much more if you let them in.
9. Why? What is it that you do?
10. That's a really unusual name.
11. Huh - you're not the one who has to give birth...
12. I still enjoy talking late into the night.
13. So just accept that you do.
14. So you probably won't be.
15. Fair enough.
16. So long as you learnt something.
17. I really want to know what it is you do, now.
18. I don't tend to be.
19. Eurgh - me too.
20. Not with you on that one.
21. Me neither.
22. Seriously?
23. Huh. I'm squeamish, and now feel decidedly nauseous.
24. Most people love being made to laugh, so you're onto a winner there.
25. Better than the class bully!
26. Hah.
27. Makes sense.
28. Ditto.
29. Never been.
30. I don't like anyone smoking.
31. I'd probably not be your type...
32. You haven't tried Trivial Pursuit with my family.
33. I've been vaccinated against everything under the sun.
34. So am I. Sometimes. Sometimes I feel like invoicing them for the therapy.
35. Gossiping does it for me.
36. Never seen it.
37. Nor that.
38. Not ironing, you can't.
39. Huh. You're my kind of friend. ;)
40. Does 39 stem from this, perhaps?
41. Women.
42. Mine was called Henry.
43. I don't have the height or coordination.
44. Don't go to the 20th.
45. If everyone felt that, the world would be a better place.
46. That's sad.
47. Me too.
48. A good tactic, I feel.
49. Ouch! Does he read your blog?!
50. Seriously - what DO you do?
51. Everyone's different. :)
52. Whoops!
53. Bet the teacher felt good after that...
54. Not sure if that's good or not.
55. I was about 7.
56. Now who's neologising?!
57. I look at so many other people and feel humbled. My life's so much easier than it could be.
58. I've never had any.
59. You missed 59! Cheat!
60. Never done that myself.
61. I don't have one.
62. Ah, but there are many vegetarian types of pizza...
63. I don't.
64. You have a much longer attention span than I do.
65. I don't think I can blame one person.
66. Never tried.
67. I loved most of them.
68. I loved English - Maths was my nemesis.
69. Heh - there's always one.
70. But private schools have better results.
71. I know the feeling.
72. I love the look when guys do this, just not the feeling.
73. Again, don't have one.
74. See above.
75. You're missing nothing.
76. Can't say I've ever done that, myself.
77. Me too.
78. I can.
79. I only have pierced ears - I have a low pain threshold.
80. Oh there are many things worse...
81. Never heard of him.
82. Nor it.
83. Me too.
84. I don't, and especially not Northern Irish.
85. Can you unhang them?
86. Usually a good thing. More people should do this... But then it wouldn't be being different. Urgh - paradoxes.
87. I don't - libraries make me nervous.
88. I'm not, and that's a rare and fabulous quality in a man.
89. Running in the rain is something I only ever do in a life or death sitation.
90. Heh - I love that!
91. Well, that sounds like fun. :S
92. Cute.
93. I know why he does me - my life is proof that he has a sense of humour.
94. Sounds like a wise plan.
95. I get confused if I have too much information.
96. The same, but with one of my mother's vases. I think I blamed my sister.
97. Unto each their own.
98. So long as it's clean...
99. Define zany.
100. Hmmm.. voluntarily?! Would I be allowed chocolate?
101. Actually only 100... You cheated... ;)

Ryan said...

#59 is added...

I had a stuttering problem when I was a kid and hated answering the telephone.

Thanks Hannah!