Saturday, July 09, 2005

Women And Toilets

During one of my high schooling years (when I was in the 9th grade) I was privvy to sitting in view of the entrance to the girl's toilets.

ONLY IN VIEW... this wasn't something I had necessarily planned when I parked my school gear every day and claimed my piece of the school bench - it was seriously out of pure ACCIDENT.

Looking at girls wandering into the toilet isn't that exciting anyway... as I soon found out.

Anyway, there was one thing that used to bug my mates and I about women: why in the Dickens did they go in pairs?

We never could figure it out, and I was boisterous enough one day to even ask a few what they got up to in there. Needless to say I got tired of being slapped after the third time.

"What do you think?" they all said in some form or another.

So, my mates and I just used to guess.

"Maybe they can't continue the conversation with an interruption," one said.

"Maybe they need a support group: one to flush the toilet, the other to hold the toilet paper, and the other to do the deed," another mate added.

"Maybe they have farting competitions!!" I added.

And with that we never thought about it again.

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