Thursday, July 07, 2005

Why God Created Woman

You know I personally believe that if God DIDN'T create woman man would have pretty much discovered how everything works.

We would have chartered the seas, plotted the stars, worked out every constant, and mapped the lands... yep man would have discovered pretty much everything.

But then God threw a spanner into the works and created woman.

See, God chose Adam to name the beasts including all the creeping things... and you can understand why God wanted to get that out of the way *before* Eve came along otherwise most of the creeping animals would have been destroyed by OD'ing on Mortein.

Being the Almighty God that God is he knew that Adam was too smart for his own good. He knew that he would eventually know everything there is to know about the universe, so he decided to make woman.

After stealing Adam's lower rib (the only bone in the body that does actually grow back!) he fashioned woman to complement man.

When God presented his new creation to Adam he was still in the naming mindset and labelled the new creation as "woman", or, as I like to put it...

Woe, man!

As God gave her to Adam he smiled knowing all too well that man was stuffed now.

No longer would they know everything about life. No longer would life be the same. Just when man was probably on the verge of discovering everything God threw in a creature that he would never completely understand or comprehend.

God designed one complex creature.

And just when man would get close to discovering everything about a woman, something would happen that would throw out all theories.

In the end man just had to resort themselves to the fact that woman was not meant to be understood.

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