Tuesday, July 12, 2005

What Is Your Brain's Sex?

Read the title of this post again... slowly if need be!

If you would like to find out what the sex of your brain is then do this test (takes about 15 minutes... well, did for me anyway). Hopefully you'll discover that your brain's sex is the same as your physical sex!!

Here's how I fared:

Part 1
  • Angles: 17/20 - meaning that my brain has male and female traits;

  • Spot the difference: 86% - I have a female-type brain!!! Eeek... get the electrodes!

Part 2
  • Hands: I am more verbal and analytical (I guess most people who read this blog would agree!!)... and I'm apparently a better fighter and a potential artist!

Part 3
  • Emotions & Systems: Empathasing (4/20) Systemising (12/20): both tests prove I've got the masculine brain

  • Eyes: 7/10: nope, now I'm female again! Eeek! Up the amps!!

Part 4
  • Fingers: I'm a MAN! Yeah! My ratios were right 0.97 and left 0.96.

Part 5
  • Faces: RESULT... I prefer more more feminine faces!! Phew!

Part 6
  • 3D Shapes: 12/12 - I can mentally rotate things in my head... must be male! ;o)

  • Words: I was crap with this one, especially considering that I'm colour-blind (or colour-deficient or whatever it is that people call it) and the first thing they wanted me to talk about WAS a colour! The results of this test were mixed.

  • Ultimatum: slightly feminine! Eeek!

So, overall they rated me 0, neither female nor male???

How did you go?

Click here to find out!


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