Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Welcome To My Blog!

I don't know how you got here, or even how long you intend on staying, but my intentions for setting up this blog was to have some good ol' fun at the expense of women.

Unfortunately there's a lot of crap on the internet these days and its difficult to have just a good ol' laugh at the expense of women from one warped point of view - mine!

Now, before I go any further I need to preface this by saying several IMPORTANT things as well as answering common questions:
  1. I am a Christian - I'm not here to demean women, or engage in any foul language or sick/crude jokes... all that can be obtained from many other sites easily found from a simple Google search;

  2. If you take things too seriously in here then it's best you don't read any further (even though I think this post is at the very bottom?!) - I'll be taking the mickey out of men, women and anything else my twisted mind can think of;

  3. Is this some lame way you wish to pick up women?? I'm not looking for a woman and this is not some poor sick excuse to make this the most lengthiest personal ad on the entire planet. So NO. At the moment I am happily *single* and am merely an observer of things... and yes I have been in several relationships with women (all at different times) with some ranging from a week to 4 years;

  4. Are you married? No I have never been married but I have several friends that are as well as several male friends that are single. I treat marriage seriously and only wish to engage into such an endeavour once in my life time... it's just a matter of finding that right one;

  5. Do you hate women? NO I DO NOT HATE WOMEN, I love women and I praise the Lord that God created such a fascinating creature, but no matter what I say on this blog about women no matter how bizarre it might come across as I DO NOT HATE WOMEN;

  6. Why are you doing this? I just wanted to have some good clean fun. I love blogging and do so for other activities that interest me. Unfortunately whenever one looks for clean fun about women it's tough to find such resources, I'm hoping to provide such a resource for other men/women looking for good clean fun;

  7. How can I contact you? While I prefer people to comment on this blog if they have any questions, suggestions, slander or abuse, you can email me by writing to anothersingleguy AT;

  8. How long have you been a Christian? I was extremely fortunate enought to be raised in a Christian family. My parents are still together and I have one younger brother and and one younger sister. I committed myself to the Lord when I was 10, and then re-committed myself when I was 18;

  9. How old are you? Most people say I'm 5, but according to my driver's licence and passport as at this very point in time I am 27 years old;

  10. Are you gay (i.e. homosexual)? No;

So there you have the main formalities out of the way. Of course, if you have any questions feel free to ask me by writing to:

anothersingleguy AT

Let's have some good clean fun!


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