Monday, July 11, 2005

Telling The Difference Between Canadians And Americans

Somebody sent me a link to answer the question I posed in my Canadian Chic post of differentiating between a Canadian and American tourist.

After reading through Miss Canada's blog post it all seems much clearer now.

So here's how you can determine if you're with a Canadian:
  • Mumble something unintelligible and ask, "So what do you think?"... if they respond with "Eh?" - then you've got a Canadian

  • Get them to apologise for something, like "Will you stop grabbing my ass!"... if they respond with "I'm sorry" instead of "I'm sah-rry" then you've got a Canadian

  • Ask them where they came from, and if they respond with "My Mum" instead of "My Mom" then you've got a Canadian

  • Ask them to recite the alphabet, then listen carefully for the last letter... do they say ZED or ZEE? If ZED you've got a Canadian.

I must admit out of all of the answers provided by the nameless Miss Canada the most prominent one that I can recall was the "Eh?" phrase.

Even when I didn't say anything you'd often hear one of them say "Eh?".

It reminded me of walking through a farm and hearing the odd lamb bleat.



Now I know.

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