Thursday, July 21, 2005

New Toy

I've been playing around with Google's new toy for about an hour and... I'm luvin every minute of it!!

What is it?

It's Google Earth it's free, it's addictive and did I mention how much fun I've been having with it??

I don't know how long I can pull myself away from it to write about it here, but I'll try.

Places that I've been to include:
  • Where I was raised (age 0-5) (-32.0367376684, 115.789882954)

  • Where I spent most of my life (age 5-24) (-32.0706020747, 115.807893447)

  • Where I spent 3 years of my life (age 24-27) (-32.1194001802, 115.770673351)

  • Where I currently am (-32.0535557517, 115.834988717)

  • The first school I attended (Kardinya Primary - kindigarden to year 3) (-32.0619086654, 115.823064922)

  • The second school I attended (Samson Primary - year 4 to year 5) (-32.0724038832, 115.802373307)

  • The third school I attended (Rehoboth Christian Primary School - year 6 to year 7) (-32.0136001874, 115.913655102)

  • The fourth school I attended (Rehoboth Christian High School - year 8 to year 12) (-32.0326386173, 115.978603809)

  • The fifth school I attended (North Lake Senior High School - repeated year 12) (-32.0733077797, 115.813031527)

  • The first university I attended when I passed year 12 (Edith Cowan University Joondalup) (-31.7494001754, 115.773597151)

  • The first college (Beaconsfield TAFE) I attended after the commute to Edith Cowan University got too much for me! (-32.0665082157, 115.767257029)

  • The second university (Murdoch University) I attended and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from after passing through college (-32.067432877, 115.834067008)

If you want to check out those areas from Google's map just...
  • copy the co-ordinates

  • click on FLY TO menu button

  • paste the numbers into the box

I'd go on with some other adventures, but right now I'm off to the gym (-32.1084508279, 115.844528525).

So where are you at???


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