Wednesday, July 13, 2005

More Canadian And American Chic Comparisons

More tips were provided by Miss Canada and her crew about how to distinguish between Canadians and Americans.

I agree with Andrea's first point about Canadians being more aware of world events. In fact I can remember when I was chatting to the two Canadian chics I asked them about Canada as the only stuff I knew about it was ice hockey and snow. They answered,
"We know more about Australia than our own country!!"

And they did!

Paige's comment on Canadians having more common sense: well why the heck is she in New Zealand?? Paige has gone from one cold climate to another!

Krista's comment on Canadians being hardier... I think I'll need a definition of this before I shoot my mouth off! But cuter and less obsessed with labels I wholeheartedly agree.

And I agree with Ulises comment on Canadians getting in touch with with the place they're in... it was quite amazing hearing the chics talk about Australia more than other tourists I've known. And I loved their attempt at ending every comment with "Mate" (like us Aussies do)... hahaha... it sounded so funny!

And we all had a big laugh.

Yep, I gotta agree Canadians are definitely more fun to be around. I can remember meeting an American chic from Seattle who couldn't understand a word that came out of our mouths!!

We had to talk slowly and pronounce our words American-style for her to understand us.

In fact, when I met the Canadian chics it wasn't long after I had met the Seattle gal and one of the first things I said was:
"Do I talk too fast?"


Oh no, I thought, I'm gunna have to talk retarded again.

Thankfully though Becky quickly added,

"...I can understand you fine."

I excused myself and talked about the experience I had with a Seattle gal I had met several months ago.

"That's American gals for ya!" Becky concluded when I had finished.

Thank gawd! I was beginning to think it was me!


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