Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Latvian Women

There's two things that scare me about Latvian women, and they are:
  1. They look too good to be true; and

  2. They're from Latvia!

I've never personally met a Latvian woman before and there's probably a good reason for that... Latvia don't allow their women to travel (I think it's some Latvian law that doesn't allow them to leave the country... as they probably don't want to come back!!).

But having traversed the internet lately I've come across some fairly attractive Latvian women, so much so that it's made me think that there's probably a conspiracy going on!

Yes, that's right, I reckon these long straight blonde haired blue eyed monsters are probably all just a facade.

Unsuspecting computer geeks surf the net and come across these web sites, think they've hit the jackpot, and when the Latvia lady seeks marriage the geek all but passes out.

So don't do it fellas. Steer clear of these modern day Sirens.

You've been warned.

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