Monday, July 11, 2005

I Like Beating Women

I have a confession to make...

I enjoy beating women

... but I don't get ANY satisfaction from it. It's to be expected every time I do it.

I enjoy beating them on the tennis court, on the basketball court, on the racing track and pretty much every other sporting arena I can think of.

Yes... I enjoy winning, and I enjoy winning over women... because when I lose boy do those women let me know.

But, on the odd occassion that I *accidentaly* DO lose to women it's generally because I ELECT to lose. We can't have one person having all the fun ALL the time... sometimes I share it around.

And even if it may look as though I'm trying to do my utmost best to stay in or win the game, really... I'm just making the game more memorable and enjoyable... for them.

And no I don't hit women... I'M NOT THAT LOW! Gee... some of you people!!

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