Monday, July 11, 2005

Don't Be Fooled

Yes, I have had an internet relationship before.

Yes, she was really a woman (thank gawd!).

Yes, it was long-distance, but not as long-distance as some might think.

No, it didn't last long when we met.

I was young. I was probably around 18 at the time, and I was naive.

Initially I thought I was in love, and when the mystery woman started sending photos of herself I began to feel even more "in love".

I reciprocated and sent a photo of myself to her and needless to say the next step was physical contact.

Boy was I glad I didn't propose to her over the internet!

There were several things I learnt from that lesson that I will take with me to the grave, and, where possible, warn others about too...

  1. The internet changes people. For some reason unbeknowst to the scientific community some people prefer to change their AGE, their marriage status, their place of residence and even their SEX when they go online! Always, always, always expect the worst of someone when you are chatting to them online. It is *so* easy to fall in love with words and to imagine what you mystery partner looks like. Folks, if they are on the net they probably are behind a computer for a REASON... they don't want to be seen in public!

  2. Don't trust anything digital. Technology has been great in this age, we can easily enhance digital photos by using techniques such as air-brushing. The photos I received from my mystery internet woman looked NOTHING like the real woman that came and saw me.

I'm serious guys and gals - you need to be on your guard with the net these days.

Experience at an early age taught me well.

Not convinced?

Just check out my digitially enhanced self-portrait photo:

... told you I was hairy (I had great difficulty trying to airbrush it all out)!

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