Saturday, July 30, 2005

Burning The Winter Fat

Right now I'm not moving.

I've been on what seemed like a marathon and my legs are no longer responding to any external or internal stimulus... they're like logs.

So what brought this bout of insanity on?

Well... today I figured it was time to start jogging again. Winter, I thought, has only one more month and then we enter the glamourous spring season followed by the ever superb summer months.

So, today I went out to the streets and shot some hoops followed by a jog to the river and around the bridges. I don't know what the total length would have been but my legs are aching.

But I still love jogging... amidst the pain.

See, jogging has helped me in so many ways throughout my life. Everything wasn't rosy many years ago when I was struck with a severe case of bronchitis.

To put it in non-technical terms I was a lazy slob and my body was paying the price - with my lungs being the worst.

I was striken with this disease for 18 months before I decided that the doctor's medicine wasn't helping and that the only way I was going to get rid of it was by being more active.

So I took up jogging again (yes, that's no typo - "again" - another time I'll detail other jogging stories)... and by the time I started jogging I had moved to Coogee, which was great because now I was able to combine my love of jogging with my love for the beach.

Nothing enthused me more every day than going for a jog along the beach... regardless of how crap the surf was. All that mattered to me was the smell of the beach and the crisp clear water after a hard run.

And so it began.

Within a matter of months I was able to rid myself of the noxious flem that had built up in my lungs, and I lost about 70 pounds in weight - I was back in shape.

So as you can no doubt imagine jogging brings back good memories. I enjoy the pain (and no I'm not sadistic) the pain is a good pain and you feel great once you arrive at your destination and collapse on the floor!


Anyway, today I decided to start again. In fact I started jogging as soon as I moved to Winthrop - however, I found it difficult to carve out a jogging track due to the lack of a beach as all Winthrop had to offer was an oblong shaped pond.

Woohoo! Fun times! I thought when I saw what was on offer the first time - no doubt I'd have to do about 1,000 laps of the thing just to break sweat!!

BUT... Winthrop is close to the river.

And that was where I ventured today.

Unfortunately it was further than I thought!

BUT... I'm alive. I made it, I done my bog lap of the place and my heart's still beating. I might look like I've had something rammed up my ass but hey my calf muscles are killing me and I don't know any hot masseuse who can give me a rub down.

Maybe I should put that on my wish list!

And speaking of women I'd better close on another thought that I'd quickly like to share regarding women and jogging (heck! what isn't a post from me without mentioning something about women?)...

I've noticed that young women don't like to jog.

I see good quantities of elder ladies jogging (like my mum) which is FANTASTIC, but as for the younger ones... it's a no go.

It seems most younger types want to do the W&T... the walk and talk - which is okay, but come on, jog at least a couple of k's.

So I think it's a shame.

But it's true. In fact all the women I've previously dated all despised the thought of "going for a jog", and I found it extremely difficult one time taking one date on bicycle ride... you should have seen the look on her face when we were riding back home!

(We only rode for like 10km or something like that... and it was a *lazy* 10km - it wasn't like I was racing to get there and racing to get back!!)

Quickly moving on...

So when I see a woman jog, my eyes light up and I can't help but clap her on.

And this probably does more harm than good.

I mean can you imagine if some guy's face lights up and begins clapping as you run on by... yes, I agree... you'd probably cross the road and pick up the pace a little!

But, finding a woman that jogs, or a woman that rides, or a woman that kayaks, or a woman that does any strenous activity is indeed a rare breed. It seems women don't like pain... and they probably think this for a reason - they bare children - where all their pain comes at once!!

So the chics out there who jog - God bless ya.

For the chics who live in extreme hot or cold weather yet *still* try and remain active - God bless you to.

You've got a bloke down in the land of Oz clapping you on.

Now pick up the pace,


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